15 must-watch singing acts from America’s Got Talent

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Neal E. Boyd

The next performance we chose is a very early one from 2008. Back during the third season of America’s Got Talent, insurance salesman Neal E. Boyd graced the stage with his opera. He auditioned with the popular aria “Nessun Dorma” from the opera Turandot and received a standing ovation from the audience and the judges.

From that point on, Boyd was known as the opera singer with a big heart and irreplaceable warmth that was so enticing.

He first began practicing opera when his older brother worked on a project for school that focused on the Three Tenors. He kept with it all the way into his ’30s when he auditioned for the show.

Boyd ended up winning season three of AGT and was awarded the $1-million prize. He even got to headline a show in Las Vegas that was hosted by Jerry Springer. He performed for numerous other occasions, including a performance for Barack Obama in 2010 while he visited Missouri.

Unfortunately, Neal passed away due to health complications in 2018 at the age of 42. We know that he will be greatly missed and hope that his reputation as a wonderful opera singer will continue to live on.