C2E2 2019: 16 cosplay standouts, from Shadowhunters to Star Wars

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Photo: Andi Ortiz

Fiji Water Girl

In perhaps one of the best marketing stunts in recent history, Fiji took over the Oscars. It all happened because of one model, who seemed to be able to get in the background of nearly every celebrity photo and serve some looks along with her water.

The amount of laughter and excitement that followed when people came across this cosplayer was infectious. To be honest, it’s entirely plausible that this was the real Fiji water girl, because she looked so similar to the one in the Oscar photos.

Photo: Andi Ortiz

Jurassic Park

With big cons like C2E2, you’re bound to see a lot of couples cosplays. Usually, they’re pretty traditional: Woody and Jessie, General Leia and Han Solo, etc. So when this couple made their way around the show floor, it was certainly a sight.

The inflatable T-rex costume is also pretty common at cons, as people are just looking for an excuse to bust it out. But pairing it up with a simple John Hammond cosplay made it the most effective use of the suit I’ve ever seen.