C2E2 2019: 16 cosplay standouts, from Shadowhunters to Star Wars

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Photo: Andi Ortiz

Darth Vader

Anakin Skywalker was technically dubbed Darth Vader before his battle with Obi-Wan on Mustafar. But Darth Vader isn’t really Darth Vader without the suit. The moment where the helmet is lowered onto him in Revenge of the Sith is a powerful one. And, as it turns out, it makes for a pretty epic cosplay.

It’s possible he was going for Darth Vader’s look in his final moments, considering how beaten up the suit is; I didn’t ask for his specific scene inspiration. Either way, it was an incredible look.

Photo: Andi Ortiz

Luke Skywalker

Since the new trilogy has begun, the older, exiled version of Luke Skywalker has become a cosplay favorite. It’s incredible, and a prime example of how anyone, at any age, can find a character to cosplay.

But sometimes, it’s best just to go with an old classic. Prosthetics and makeup are great, but oftentimes the simplest costumes are the most recognizable. So here we have a classic, clean cut Luke Skywalker.

Photo: Andi Ortiz


Simplicity is great, but complexity is too. Rey can be a hard character to pull off, depending on what version of her is the goal. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Scavenger Rey, dressed in full robes in her opening scenes of The Force Awakens.

There was something stoic in the energy of this cosplayer that reminded me of Rey, leading to her appearance in this round-up. I half expected her to leave on her little red speeder once she finished posing for this.