C2E2 2019: 16 cosplay standouts, from Shadowhunters to Star Wars

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Convention season is upon us, and that means the return of some epic cosplays. These were some of the best from C2E2 this year.

There are plenty of reasons to go to comic conventions. Whether it’s getting a photo or autograph from your favorite celebrity, learning how to hone your own craft, or just to people-watch, they are a lot of fun.

People-watching in particular is especially fun. It’s like a giant Where’s Waldo? puzzle. Literally. There are often people cosplaying as Waldo, taking advantage of the huge crowds that come out to the event.

But you’ll see more than just Waldo. If there’s a picture of a character anywhere, he/she/it is fair cosplay game. There are always some staples: Star Wars, video game characters like Link or Mario or Waluigi, and so on.

As the years go on though, it seems these cosplayers are getting more and more creative. They can mash up two beloved characters and become “Rey-punzel,” or simply bring movie effects to life, like a Holographic Princess Leia.

This year’s C2E2 had some of the best variety in awhile. So, we snagged photos of some of the best at the con! Click on for inspiration…