C2E2 2019: 16 cosplay standouts, from Shadowhunters to Star Wars

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Photo: Andi Ortiz


I saw exactly two Shadowhunters cosplays at C2E2. It’s a bit surprising, considering how easy the outfits are to put together compared to other pop culture icons. For the most part, it’s just normal street clothes.

So, when cosplaying as Clary Fray, it’s easy to end up looking like Kim Possible. The real trick is getting the runes right. It was hard to tell if they were drawn on by hand or just temporary tattoos, but they were well utilized.

Photo: Andi Ortiz


Clary Fray isn’t the only heroine in the Shadow World. Before she came along (and honestly, even after) Isabelle was running the show. I almost missed this Shadowhunter, but once again, the runes caught my eye. Then I saw the amulet.

She seemed a little startled to be recognized. Shadowhunters may be in its final season, but it hasn’t quite hit the status of “mainstream icon” show. Still, it deserves to be represented, and I think Izzy would be proud of this cosplay.