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Project Runway season 17 episode 3 poses the quintessential fashion question: can a fabric choice read just too old lady?

Are you passionate about prints? On this week’s episode of Project Runway, the designers tackle head to toe prints. While a bold print can be a fashion forward statement, does one fabric choice read just “too old lady?”

Now that the revamped Project Runway is two episodes into the season, the direction of this season is still a little unclear. While the tone tries to be more current, some of the same themes from seasons past continue to appear.

Although the body modification challenge did have a certain edge, the fashions themselves weren’t necessarily anything new or innovative. While a few designers pushed the boundaries, the majority of looks were a little tired. Can this week’s episode, focusing on prints, find a spark of excitement?

Looking at some of the preview clips, the designers seem to be fixated on their decisions. Old lady prints can become a fashion don’t quickly. While staying true to your convictions is important, Project Runway is a competition. Sometimes playing by the game rules reaps the bigger rewards.

Granted that this season is only three episodes in, many designers seem to be creating looks that will keep them in versus trying to win. There is a difference. Wouldn’t it be better to swing for the fences versus play it safe?

With Frankie eliminated last week, the designers should understand that shoddy work is going to get them sent home. At the same token, boring isn’t acceptable either. As the challenges progress, these designers need to find something in their looks to set themselves apart.

Those differences won’t come from catty remarks (like the Freddy Krueger reference from last week). Everyone knows that there is cattiness in the workroom, but those comments need achievements behind them. So far, very few designers have brought the looks.

While this episode isn’t a shop the runway episode (guess no one would want an all print look), it will be curious which design is voted as a fan favorite. Did anyone see which design won from last week? Has that part of this season been thrown to the work room floor?

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Project Runway season 17 will air on Bravo on Thursday at 8 p.m. ET/PT.