Torrid just launched a beautiful and affordable wedding collection


Weddings are a big deal in any woman’s life, and finding the perfect dress can be hard, especially if you are a plus size. Torrid is here to change that.

Wedding dress shopping is both a special time and an event that can cause plenty of stress and anxiety — add to that being a plus-size woman where options are limited and the stress may feel impossible to handle. Torrid knows this, and is here to shake things up for the better.

Over the last few years, fans of the plus size clothing retailer have shared pictures on social media where they have taken a dress from the stores many collections and turned it into a wedding dress or a bridesmaids dress. Some even find their attendee dresses at Torrid.

Well, it turns out that the retailer has been paying attention to its customers and decided to launch its very own bridal collection. The Torrid Wedding Shop offers a chance for everyone to feel beautiful and special, from the bride to the attendees.

Perhaps what makes this collection even more impressive, besides the fact that women up to a size 30 can finally find an elegant dress for themselves, is just how affordable everything is. In an impressive move that has made my fashion loving heart happy, everything in Torrid’s wedding collection is under $200, no matter what you pick out.

While the collection appears to be online only at this point, the Wedding Shop has a series of videos to help you when it comes to things like sizing. And the entire collection is broken down to make browsing easier.

The bridal section includes a variety of white dresses. From mid to ankle-length dresses to one very elegant pantsuit, there are enough style alternatives to make any woman happy.

Over on the bridesmaids section, one can find multiple dresses in a variety of colors, which is pretty crucial when trying to plan your bridal party theme. There are lace dresses, floral prints, and satins. Basically, Torrid knows that our bridesmaids need stunning dresses that also compliment whatever color scheme or theme we chose for our weddings.

The third section of the Wedding Shop offers is an attendees section, with offerings from formal to more casual occasions. Weddings can be pretty pricey even for attendees, so it’s great there are plus-size options here that won’t break the bank.

Finally, Torrid did not forget the accessories. From hair pieces to necklaces, Torrid offers a curated collection that will accentuate a wedding dress in all the right ways.

If you are a plus sized woman looking for the perfect outfit for a wedding (whether your own or a friend’s), look no further than Torrid, because they have you covered! Elegance and beauty come together to gift us with an inclusive line of bridal offerings that are actually affordable too.

Honestly, this feels like a win for all of us. I’m ready to look stunning, are you?

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What do you think of Torrid’s wedding collection? Would you wear one of their dresses to your own wedding? What would you like to see added to their wedding shop? Tell us what you think in the comments.