Riverdale fans looking for some classic aesthetics might want to try Torrid


If Betty and Veronica are a solid percentage of why you watch Riverdale every week, then Torrid’s new collection might be of interest to you.

There are plenty of reasons to watch Riverdale, but the friendship between Betty and Veronica (or just the two of them as characters) really helps sell the show. These two could not be more different in their outlook, but somehow, they’re friends. In the original Archie Comics, they might spend some time fighting over Archie, but even still — they’re friends, too.

It’s in honor of them and their friendship that Torrid has released a capsule collection starring the first ladies of Archie Comics, with looks that capture both characters’ aesthetics without being too obvious. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Betty raglan tee. Image via Torrid.

Betty gets a sportier raglan tee (with stripes on the sleeves) for her look, with her face right there on the front. It’s a pretty classic style, all things considered, and it looks super comfortable to wear.

Veronica tie-front tee. Image via Torrid.

Veronica, however, has more of a trendy look about her tee, where there are little straps in the neckline as well as a tie-front. Both together might seem like a little much, but at the same time, Veronica Lodge herself is … a little much.

Betty cardigan and skirt. Image via Torrid.

Betty’s cardigan and skirt keep in line with her more classic looks — the cardigan is a full-length one, and that pink is not one you’ll catch Veronica wearing too often. This whole look owes just as much, one suspects, to Riverdale, where Betty’s pastels are a well-known thing, as it does to the original comics. That cardigan is perhaps a bit much with the heart pattern, admittedly.

Veronica cigarette pants. Image via Torrid.

Just as Betty’s skirt has a little bit of embroidery on it, Veronica’s cigarette-style pants also embrace the embroidery and note that she is “never the girl next door.” Granted, that embroidery is in a very awkward place.

Veronica varsity cardigan. Image via Torrid.

This cardigan almost seems like it’s neutral territory rather than explicitly Veronica’s, but then again, Veronica and Archie are together on Riverdale, and he is an athlete there. Either way, it’s pretty comfortable looking and not too obliged to the comics as some of these other pieces are.

Betty romper. Image via Torrid.

If you’re saying “wait a second, this romper looks like a feminine version of a work jumpsuit,” congratulations! Betty has a knack for mechanics, and this romper is all her. We have to say that the tie at the waist adds a nice detail that helps visually break everything up.

Here’s another look at it, showing the embroidery:

Betty romper. Image via Torrid. Veronica dress. Image via Torrid.

This dress is probably the best piece in the collection. It’s a Veronica-inspired dress, and it looks extremely well-constructed. The lipstick embroidery is perfectly placed (and not weird, like the pants).

Veronica dress. Image via Torrid.

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What’s your favorite piece?