Shadowhunters review: Truths and consequences


On this week’s Shadowhunters, it was all about facing consequences. But the fallout of the gang’s choices is just getting started.

If there are two words that sum up this week’s Shadowhunters, they are: “wait, what?”

There were at least four instances where I uttered the phrase out loud to my television. Let’s count them out.

The first moment came during Luke’s questioning. Following last week’s episode he looked super guilty to the cops. But even they know that he’s no killer. He’s given more than one opportunity to offer an explanation as to what happened, and he denies every one. Call it survivor’s guilt, or just an instinct to protect the secret of the Downworld, Luke is set on doing time for someone else’s crime.

But the real “wait, what”  moment came when Clary called him on it. First, she used logic. Finally, she turned to the emotional appeal. And it should’ve worked. She hits home with “So now you’re just going to abandon me.”

When he comes back with the “You know that I will always love you,” it’s like a slap in the face. Granted, it leads to a beautiful, very emotional moment for Katherine McNamara. But having lost her once already, it’s hard to believe Luke would just leave Clary now. Remembering what’s led him to this moment brings us to our second “Wait…what?!”

Heidi’s been a vampire for all of… 10 minutes? And now she’s manipulating the whole Shadow World? Don’t get me wrong, it’s impressive. She’s been through a lot in her first weeks as a vampire, and it definitely makes sense that she’s both psychotic and vindictive.

But every vampire knows what she’s done, and who brought her back (and most importantly, why he did). At what point did they make the decision “Yes, this is someone we should trust and follow.”

So far this season, Heidi has arguably been a bigger villain than Jonathan, and it doesn’t quite sit right. Fortunately, we won’t have to deal with her anymore! In one of the most creative deaths that has come out of the Shadowhunters writers’ room, Maia took care of Heidi with Holy Water.

There’s still the possibility that Heidi was working for and/or with Jonathan, but there’s no way to know… yet.

Speaking of Jonathan, he has a nice cameo in the episode. It’s a short-lived moment but it is a moment. Pulled by the rune that binds them, Jonathan arrives at Clary’s brooding spot. He knows there’s some part of her that wants to join him, a darkness in her that’s calling.

And honestly, Dark Clary is something I’m here for. The downside is that it doesn’t seem voluntary.

In her conversation with Luke, there certainly seems to be a spark of anger and darkness in Clary’s eyes. Seeing her outlook on things consciously change could be an interesting twist on the story. But in her sparring with Aline, and especially when she willfully burns her hand — this moment was a vehement “wait. WHAT” — Clary seems taken over by something.

Jonathan wasn’t the only cameo we got this week though! David Castro was back in a big way, reminding us just how much we’ve missed Raphael. Though it seemed like he was brought back just so he and Izzy could have a proper goodbye, there’s a far more terrifying outcome, and it’s not unlikely.

Of course Isabelle had to bring him in. Once Heidi revealed the truth of her return, there was no way for Alec to turn a blind eye. But both he and Isabelle have an idea that something is going on with Heavenly Fire at the Gard. Izzy even mentions the Clave drive she found at the beginning of the episode.

So they just… let them take Raphael? What?

Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait to see what becomes of him in the Gard. Until next week, Shadowfam!

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Shadowhunters airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. EST on Freeform.