Shadowhunters review: All magic comes at a price


Jonathan was reunited with his sister, Magnus was reunited with his magic and things got very messy on Shadowhunters this week.

If we learned anything from Once Upon A Time‘s seven season run, it’s that “All magic comes at a price.” On tonight’s Shadowhunters, that message was proven in spades.

We began the night with the price of Seelie magic. For Jonathan, it wasn’t too severe – just a cheap knock-off version of Clary. Perhaps it’s because of her thus far incredible stint on Arrow, or just an exciting change of pace, but sassy, demonically-corrupted Katherine McNamara was real fun to watch.

But for Jonathan, it was bad enough to step out of hiding to retrieve the real Clary.

She’s understandably on edge, having just received a demon flesh message from her brother while in bed with her boyfriend. Even so, Clary won’t let it ruin the moment and for Clace fans everywhere, even a little bit of happiness (and calmness) between the two is welcome.

So, when Jace plans an entire date day, it’s everything the fandom could hope for… particularly the “kiss it and make it better” moment. Then comes the Jonathan intrusion.

Considering how much of a target Clary is, it’s surprising that Jace would leave her completely alone, even for a second. Even with a deactivated tracking rune, Clary is still a weird magnet for Jonathan. Aside from the binding rune, they seem to have an odd connection, one that proves to be Clary’s weakness in the final minutes of the episode.

Sure enough, Jonathan does find her. But he finds Jace first. After knocking Jace out and taking on his appearance, the Morgensterns are together once again. And it takes all of maybe an hour before Jonathan kisses his sister… again.

This is twice now that he’s done it, the other time as Sebastian. It’s no less icky. An argument could be made that it’s a good thing Jonathan does kiss Clary, considering it’s what clues her in that she’s not with the real Jace. (She managed to figure out she was with a fake Jace with fewer clues in season one, but that’s neither here nor there).

SHADOWHUNTERS – “A Kiss From A Rose” – Continuing to track down information on the rumors about misconduct at The Clave’s downworlder prison, Isabelle asks Alec for help. Meanwhile, Magnus succumbs to asking Lorenzo for a favor and Jace takes Clary on a special date. KATHERINE MCNAMARA, DOMINIC SHERWOOD

What do you do when you realize you’re on a date with your brother disguised as your boyfriend? Well, you probably book a therapy appointment, but first you call in the cavalry.

Luckily, Isabelle has just found what she’s looking for. After taking a closer look at — read: inside –the body of Sentry Greenlaw, she’s found what looks like a thumb drive from the Clave. He may still prove helpful yet. But before she can look deeper, she’s got to go save her brother.

Meanwhile, her other brother is hard at work finding information on the Morningstar Sword. Fortunately he’s got the help of a newly magical Magnus, which brings us to the next price of magic.

For Magnus, it was much higher: one demoralizing trip to see Lorenzo and one apartment. And yet, it was worth it for him. Magic is who Magnus is, it connects him to everything. Alec may be skeptical, but he’s still supportive of his boyfriend. That doesn’t mean he won’t give Lorenzo a clear warning about exploiting people though. Flex that title, Alec.

The real question is, will the magic stick around? Lorenzo did mention that Magnus’s body could reject it, and if his nosebleed in those final moments is any indication, that could be exactly what’s happening.

Through all of this, Jordan’s body is also going through rejection. He spends the episode trapped in a store room with Maia after having been stabbed with pure silver. He’s fading, but nothing leads to a good rekindling of love like the threat of imminent death.

Once they’ve sorted through their issues, Simon and Luke find them just in time to get Jordan to the praetor for help. Of course, that requires some sacrifice from Luke, allowing himself to be arrested looking very guilty of the murder of his pack.

Now, on top of dealing with her brother still being on the loose, and feeling wildly uncomfortable kissing her boyfriend because of said brother, Clary is going to have to process seeing her last bit of family facing prison time.

It’s going to be a rough week for Clary.

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Shadowhunters airs on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Freeform.