The Loki conspiracy lives, thanks to a new Avengers: Endgame poster


Loki is back on a new Avengers: Endgame poster, and we’ve been busy with our fan theories.

Thanks to the directors, writers, and fake trailer scenes of Avengers: Endgame, we’re used to lies. It’s the price we pay for our MCU fandom, but we’re kind of okay with that. The promise to exclude dead characters from any Avengers: Endgame promo has long since been revoked. Beyond the Infinity War dustings in the latest Endgame trailer, Loki appeared on a new Avengers: Endgame poster, and it’s giving us new hope and new fan theories.

The God of Mischief. The trickster. The Asgardian Prince. The character with an ever-growing collection of titles has returned in the MCU, well, to an extent. Loki fell victim to Thanos’ conquest well before he snapped his fingers, but Loki’s poster could suggest we’ll see him again.

Marvel Studios has discreetly color-coded its newest Endgame posters. Black and white posters are for the currently deceased characters, and all the posters in color represent those who survived Infinity War. There’s a lot to digest and hypothesize here, but our inner Loki fandom is nerding out over his reappearance. Naturally, we have a few updated theories based on his poster, albeit these have minimal basis because we don’t trust any promo anymore, but we’re fan-theorying anyway:

We see Loki again in a time travel scene

That’s right: We still stubbornly support the many time travel theories. We might not be particular about them, but the heroes could go back in time to convince a younger Loki to help them stop Thanos. Perhaps the trickster will try sabotage Thanos while the overgrown grape basically holds him hostage. This would also give Loki a new arc and a chance to explicitly help the Avengers (and the two remaining Guardians).

Loki reenacts his death scene

Look closely at the poster. If you zoom in on his eyes, you’ll see they’re seemingly welled up with tears. We know that Loki anticipated his death in Infinity War. Not only did his deep sigh give it away, but he also had a brief cry before his gruesome death scene. His teary-eyed photo shoot could be more than reminiscent of his fleeting moments in IW, or it could be a clue that he might have to relive his death in the coming film. (We’re crying all over again just thinking about his rebooted death.)

We see Loki via some memories

Drawing inspiration from Thor: Ragnarok, we could learn more about Loki’s past. Instead of references about how Loki turned Thor into the Mighty Throg, Endgame could include a grieving Thor, which could give us some flashbacks of his brother in the form of a memory sequence. It would be a bittersweet farewell to the God of Mischief (even if we might only be parting ways with this version of Loki after Phase 3).

Everything Thanos did to complete the Gauntlet is reversed

As one of our more idealistic fandom-led conspiracy theories, the remaining heroes could find a way to use the infinity gauntlet and retcon the snap and anything Thanos did to obtain the infinity stones. Happy endings may be trite. However, reversing the snap and anything snap-adjacent doesn’t necessarily ensure a happily ever after for all of the heroes.

After all, the decimation survivors will likely have to sacrifice a lot more pain, blood, and lives before they can effectively stop Thanos and revert his villainous shenanigans.

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There’s a lot to consider when it comes to Loki. He has a habit of returning from the dead in the comics, novels, mythology, and technically even in the cinematic universe, so his Avengers: Endgame poster might be more than just promo.

Do you have any theories about Loki’s fate in Avengers: Endgame? Or do you have a theory about any of the character-specific posters? Let us know in the comments section!