10 impactful documentaries you should watch on Netflix

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Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014)

With vegetarianism and veganism on the rise faster than ever before, there is no shortage of films that seek to look behind the curtain on the global meat and dairy industries. Netflix has its fair share of impressive documentaries on the subject, but by far the most accessible is Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret. Don’t be put off by the name — Cowspiracy is a thorough and compelling investigation into food culture and environmentalism.

Released in 2014 and directed by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, Cowspiracy was one of the first documentaries to point the finger at the agricultural industries as a main contributor to the world’s current climate and environmental issues. Beginning as a simple investigation, Cowspiracy takes some dark turns when Andersen is blocked, threatened and threatened by figures in the meat and dairy industries, further forcing him down the rabbit hole.

Cowspiracy is so impactful due to the way in that the documentary unfolds. Andersen and Kuhn are on the same journey as the audience, learning about these shocking revelations in real time. The film combines interviews with experts, doctors and scientists with clever infographics and cartoons, all of which illustrate a strange and sometimes terrifying journey to get to the heart of the meat, dairy and agricultural industries.

Cowspiracy also works so well because provides us with actual solutions to these monumental issues and offers a vision at a different way for humanity to live. Instead of despair, we are left with a sprinkle of hope that the world may one day be a better place if we all try hard enough.