Shazam’s leaked movie stills reveal a very special cameo


With early viewings of Shazam already taking place, it should come as no surprise that there are spoilers hitting the internet. And one of those spoilers is an exciting cameo reveal.

Over the last few months, excitement for the DCEU’s latest movie, Shazam, has been steadily building. And that means that many people have been talking about potential cameos.

With the story happening in the same continuity as the rest of the DCEU movies, such as Man of Steel and Aquaman, it makes sense that those characters might have the possibility of making an appearance. It turns out that there really is a special cameo in the movie, at least based on the leaked images that are making the rounds of the internet.

Spoilers ahead.

According to We Got This Covered, Shazam is not the only superhero making an appearance in the movie. Audiences will also get to see Superman himself. Or at least, a body double for the character wearing the iconic superhero suit.

Sadly, Henry Cavill is not showing up for a little one on one time with Billy Batson and his friends. In fact, it seems that we never actually see the hero’s face in his cameo moment (which makes sense if it’s not actually Cavill, who is still considered the Clark Kent of the DCEU).

Based on the spoilers circulating online, in the scene, Billy goes to school in his adult Shazam form in order to help his foster brother Freddy Freeman. Freddy has apparently told people at school that he knows the superhero (which he does), but Billy decides to make the moment even better for his friend. He decides to bring along Superman, who seems to be ready for a sit down with the kids.

In one of the images, we can see Superman holding a school lunch tray, which is certainly a cool moment for Freddy and the other kids. While we don’t really know how the entire scene unfolds, we are definitely excited about this teasing cameo.

Although we might wish that it was actually Henry Cavill donning the Superman suit for Shazam, this was still a great way to tie in the Justice League and the greater DCEU into the movie. No matter what happens in this scene, we know that Shazam is part of the greater continuity of this cinematic universe, and hopefully this means we will see other cameos and potential team-ups in future movies.

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The DCEU might finally be coming together the way we have all wanted and expected. And Shazam might be the final bit of proof we need that the DCEU isn’t dead, it just needed something fresh. We will find out for sure when the film premieres in theaters on April 5.

What do you think of this cameo in Shazam? Do you think this was the right superhero to make an appearance, even if we don’t see the face? Tell us what you think in the comments.