Shadowhunters season 3 episode 15 live stream: Watch online


We’ve seen Concerned Stepdad Luke, we’ve seen Hardcore Pack Leader Luke, and we’ve seen Former Shadowhunter Luke. Will we meet Prison Luke tonight?

We are nearly halfway through the Final Hunt on Shadowhunters, and tonight, the Shadow World is on the brink of war.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not because of Jonathan (yet). The current state of chaos is the handiwork of Heidi, having set the perfect trap for the Praetor to instigate an attack on the New York werewolf pack.

There were only two survivors of the attack: Maia and Jordan – the latter barely made it. Fortunately, the werewolf we’ve known and loved from the beginning wasn’t around for what happened; Luke has been working on some Shadowhunter business.

But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t look guilty to the Mundanes. At the end of last week’s episode, we left Luke in handcuffs so Maia and Simon could take Jordan to get help. As tough as it is to see, it seems to be exactly what Luke wants right now.

“I need to face the consequences of my actions.” This is the answer Luke has for Clary when she tries to pull him out of his survivor’s guilt over his pack’s death. And it seems these words will be the overarching theme of tonight’s episode. Here’s how Freeform’s official synopsis expands on them:

"As the saying goes, “rules are made to be broken.” But what if the rules are there for a reason? Several members of the team must examine the reasoning behind certain rules after consequences to questionable actions come to light. Whether the rules were broken because of love, loyalty or revenge, does the end justify the means?"

True, Luke isn’t the only one dealing with consequences tonight. Clary is dealing with the fallout of letting her brother go, while Magnus deals with the effects of getting his magic back from Lorenzo.

Based on the episode’s promo, it seems Clary might have a few more consequences to face too. While sparring with another Shadowhunter at the Institute, Clary appears to be using incredible force. If Jonathan came back stronger after his rebirth, and he’s linked to Clary, logic would say she’s stronger too, right?

Could Clary be capable of killing one of their own, simply out of guilt and anger?

Maia’s on the warpath too, so tonight could be an extra murderous night for the gang.

Here’s how you can stream Shadowhunters tonight:

"Date: Monday, March 18Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “To the Night Children”TV Channel: FreeformLive Stream: You can watch on Freeform’s website or app."

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