Bughead’s musical moment on Riverdale was both heartbreaking and beautiful


Riverdale’s musical episode may have been a mashup of the Heather’s meets high school chaos, but it was the moment between Bughead that broke hearts.

There were some amazing moments during this season’s musical episode of Riverdale. We had relationships being repaired and another breaking apart. The Farm officially came to town with the arrival of Edgar Evernever, and of course we got to see a retelling of the Heathers (sort of). However, through all of that, it was the major Bughead moment that really broke our hearts.

When Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teased this week’s Riverdale episode, one of the moments he called out specifically was between Betty and Jughead.

Sacasa shared that this week would feature “one of the most epic songs” the show has done, and that Bughead specifically would be “heartbreaking in it.”

As a fan of the couple, I have to agree that these two were heartbreaking, while also giving us a poignant moment that really stood out amidst all of the other drama and music. The song in question was a reminder that these two are 17-year-olds and despite the chaos in their town, they truly just want to live a normal teen life.

While Jughead is dealing with what is essentially the loss of his childhood and the life he once lived, Betty is at his side with her own heartbreaks, like a father who was a serial killer. But, even through all of the ups and downs, they have each other. And that is something that is very hard to ignore or forget.

While this moment between Jughead and Betty was not the only time we got to hear this song, as it was also part of the big, final moment, there was something special about Bughead’s performance. Even in song, it is clear that these two really love each other. They support each other and want to make sure that they have each other’s back.

What makes this song and moment between Betty and Jughead so heartbreaking is that it is a reminder that these two are still teenagers and yet they are having to do things that should be in the hands of the adults. But considering that their parents all seem to have their own issues, it makes sense that these two have taken things into their own hands.

Honestly, who can blame these two for wanting some normalcy? Sure, we could argue these two aren’t squeaky clean when it comes to the crazy antics that go down in Riverdale, but compared to everybody else, Bughead continues to give us hope that things can change for the better.

With so much happening in Riverdale, we needed to see Betty and Jughead connecting like this. We needed them to reaffirm their commitment to each other. And of course, we had to see these two letting go of certain parts of their childhood.

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Although we might hope that this episode will lead to better things after this poignant reminder, we also know that is unlikely to happen. And with Edgar Evernever of the Farm arriving on scene finally, things are probably going to get much worse before they get better.

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