10 trendy spring pieces that won’t break the bank

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Image: Express

Express – High Waisted Culotte Pant

The final spring trend that has to get some love is the idea of choosing pants that shy away from the standard denim. Instead, we are talking about choosing pants in different materials, and also going for different styles as well.

That’s why we love these High Waisted Culotte Pants from Express. Not only are they a stylish pant that comes in two colors, but they are more like dress pants than jeans. In fact, I could easily see someone wearing these to work with the perfect pair of heels.

They have a retro silhouette that is chic and perfect for a weekend on the town or heading into the office. The high waist is actually quite flattering, too. It is important to remember that culotte pants are cropped at mid-calf, so you will want to choose just the right shoes to make this look pop.

These pants come in Lilac Purple or Guava, and cost $59.90 each, so if you want to give a trendy pop of style and color to your wardrobe, these might be the perfect choice (especially when Express runs a sale like buy one, get one 50 percent off).

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While trends come and go, there are some styles that can easily carry into other seasons. And with these choices, I think you get the best of both worlds, styles that are on trend now, while also being versatile enough to be worn after spring has sprung. As an added bonus, the fact that you won’t break the bank means you could easily snag every single trend of the season too.