Bakers will love these celebrity cookbooks filled with tons of yummy recipes

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Kitchen Revelry: A Year of Festive Menus from My Home to Yours. Image via

Kitchen Revelry by Ari Larter

Ali Larter is well-known for her work in film and television including Heroes, the Final Destination movies, House on Haunted Hill, the Resident Evil movies, Legally Blonde, and Obsessed. But fans got a charming surprise when they discovered this dramatic scream-queen could also whip up some decadent dishes.

In 2013, Larter released her cookbook entitled, Kitchen Revelry: A Year Of Festive Menus From My Home to Yours. The structure of this book is simple and easy as it breaks down the recipes throughout the year, tailoring each dish to a season. For example, there is a whole menu called, “New Year’s Eve Dinner.” So, if you are ever at a loss for what to cook your guests on a special occasion, this is a great resource to utilize. However, be warned, some of the ingredients Larter likes to play with are a little on the pricey side such as truffle oil and cognac.

But, if you can foot the bill for these exotic essentials, then you’ll definitely enjoy her Champagne Lobster Risotto and her Port-Poached Pears that will have your guests asking if you went to culinary school.

For the sweet-lovers, the German chocolate cupcakes are to die for! They are the perfect finishing for any party.