Bakers will love these celebrity cookbooks filled with tons of yummy recipes

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The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends. Image via

The Tucci Table by Stanley Tucci

It was apparent in the movie, Julie & Julia that our man Stanley Tucci was a total foodie in his role of the husband. And, his passion carries into his real life, as well. The Tucci Table: Cooking With Family and Friends was released in 2014 and is filled with recipes that you’ll be dying to try.

Tucci steals recipes from his Italian roots but puts an American twist on them to cater to the average family. The book is full of beautiful photography of Tucci and the dishes and accompanying instructions for the recipes — some of which include mushroom-stuffed trout, BBQ chicken wings, and pork chops with mustard and onion sauce. Tucci’s cookbook will give so many options for main courses for all of the meat-eaters!

Along with these delicious recipes, Tucci invites the readers into his home to give them a taste of his family life and the way he works in the kitchen. He provides helpful tips for smooth meal prepping and does so with conversational charm.

Those who bake will love wife Felicity Blunt’s scones recipe, which was inspired by the days when she, her sister and her Nanna would visit coffee shops with the delicious treat.

Tucci even supplies the reader with a section of what to buy, which includes some of the signature items he uses in the dish. One of these items is a wheat-free pasta, which Tucci swears by.