Phases 1-3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now have a new name


Kevin Feige revealed a simple, new name for the first three phases of the MCU in an interview with Empire and discussed the end of a decade-long story.

Big Marvel fans are aware that the MCU movies are referred to as belonging to different phases. So far, there have been three phases of the MCU. The first phase, for example, began with the first Iron Man movie and ended with the first Avengers movie. Currently, the MCU is still in Phase 3, but Avengers: Endgame will mark the end of this section, and the movie after it, Spider-Man: Far From Home will be in Phase 4.

According to Marvel Studios film head Kevin Feige, there is a simple and easy name that can be used to refer to Phases 1-3 of the MCU. In Empire magazine’s issue about Endgame, he said that the first three phases are officially The Infinity Saga. All of the films in these phases were leading up to the events of Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, so this name makes a lot of sense. There have been 22 movies in this era of the MCU, and things are likely to change quite drastically with the end of Endgame.

In Empire, Feige also talked a little bit about what Endgame had in store and the fact that a ten-year journey with over 20 films is about to come to an end, saying that,

"We wanted to bring to a conclusion a series of movies in a way that had never been done before. Harry Potter had an ending because there were only so many books. Lord of the Rings too. But we thought, 22 movies in, wouldn’t it be fun to bring some finality to the storyline."

While this quote doesn’t give away any specific details about what will happen in this final Phase 3 film, it does point out that Marvel is viewing Endgame as an ending to a story that it has been creating over the last decade. Of course, this is a little scary and emotional for many fans who have grown attached to all of these characters in The Infinity Saga.

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Hopefully, the ending of the saga will be one that fans can enjoy and that does all of the movies and characters as much justice as possible.