Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: Does Rebecca’s bliss really need to involve love?


It seemed as if Rebecca was getting over all the men in her life in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. After this week’s episode, she might be back in the dating game.

Rebecca decides that she is going to try her hand at a theater life once again now that she is trying to do things for herself on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. As we saw in this week’s episode, maybe it isn’t going to be as easy as Rebecca thought.

First, she’s not great at singing (which is hilarious since Rachel Bloom is a great singer), and then instead of just acting through her song, Rebecca wants to change lyrics to make it more acceptable in the modern age. So maybe her bliss isn’t necessarily in the theater anymore. Still, throughout the episode, everyone starts to find what makes them happy.

Greg is opening the restaurant, Nathaniel is still working on being a better person, and Valencia wants Beth to propose to her. The only one who just was kind of existing was Josh. Even Paula was interviewing for new firms to make more money now that she is a lawyer! But the episode drove home that we don’t have much time left with these characters.

As they’re getting closer to the series finale, we are seeing more and more storylines wrapping up. At first, it didn’t hit us that the show wasn’t going to be coming back, but now, with only four episodes left, Rebecca is going to have to make a decision about what she wants to do. At the end of the episode, she goes to visit Greg and, as she waits for him to bring her lasagna, she has a flash to a moment she shared with Nathaniel backstage at the show.

Does this mean that she’s not going to keep focusing on herself? Hopefully not. She was doing so well and finally going to find her own happiness. For her to lose that because she falls back with one of these guys would be horrible. After all this time, Rebecca finding her own happiness first is what is important.

That being said, it still might not be that great to have her fall back in love with Nathaniel. Each man had his problems with Rebecca — but Nathaniel and Rebecca were destructive together in ways that hurt others around them. (Remember when Nathaniel was willing to ruin someone’s life with her?)

Now that Greg has worked on himself and Rebecca is working on herself, maybe they’re the best for one another. Or maybe she still needs to be alone. Whatever ends up happening, hopefully it just means that Rebecca is actually going to be happy by the end of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and not still trying to make everyone around her happy instead of just herself, even if it means she still does bad theater!

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