Crazy Ex-Girlfriend review: Rebecca maybe isn’t going to be the a musical star


Rebecca goes to audition for the community theater production on this week’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and… it maybe isn’t going to be her future career anytime soon.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend may be ending but Rebecca Bunch has never been more full of life. When she decides to audition for a local musical review, she’s reminded of the joy that theater always brought to her when she was younger. Whether that means through actually acting or rewriting a song remains to be seen.

Rebecca gets a classic song and has to realize that the songs from her past may not be what she expected. Or it is just outdated at this point and she has to adjust her standards for these old school musical theater songs.

So, by the time she starts to rehearse her song, she doesn’t feel comfortable performing it. It isn’t really her fault but rather a nod to how we, in general, end up loving outdated and often sexist musical theater songs. Rebecca, ever the creative, decides that she wants to change the lyrics a bit (which, all she had to do was act through the original song and it would have been fine but… it’s Rebecca so she wanted to it her way).

Obviously, the director of the show doesn’t like that Rebecca makes a change to the lyrics and fights against it. Because Nathaniel, Josh, and Greg are still fighting over her, both Josh and Nathaniel are part of the theater project. Nathaniel is cast as the prince but when he sees how much this is hurting Rebecca to perform her song, she decides to perform her piece with her adjusted lyrics and they both get fired from the show.

While this is all happening, Greg and Heather are working on the soft opening for his restaurant and Greg ends up surprised because they end up having a pretty successful new opening and getting the serious attention that Serrano’s deserves.

What does this mean for Greg and West Covina? Well, it means that he might be moving home permanently. At first, he thought he wanted to stay in West Covina because of Rebecca, wanting to be close to her but with the new restaurant, he wants to be there to see the success of what his family had built before and what he rebuilt.

The only problem is that Rebecca is still going back and forth between Greg and Nathaniel. Sure, Josh is in the picture but it is really back and forth between those two. Oh and Valencia wants Beth to propose to her but… that isn’t going as well as expected.

This episode was jammed packed with every character having a moment, working on getting their lives in order (even including Paula maybe leaving the firm to make more money as a lawyer) and as we get closer to the end, it is very obvious that soon, we’re going to have to say goodbye to West Covina.

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