Chilling Adventures of Sabrina season 2 trailer: Everything you missed


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped a trailer for season 2, and now we know that darkness and magic reign supreme. Plus we may have seen the Dark Lord.

On March 18, Netflix and the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Twitter account released an official trailer for the show’s second season, and it is epic. Not only is Sabrina embracing her powers more, but she is doing it in a way that is so much more advanced than what she did before she signed her soul over to the Dark Lord.

That’s not all, though. It seems that the Dark Lord might have made his debut in the trailer, after we saw Sabrina doing a sit down with someone who spoke to her about her gifts. While that is enough to get us all excited, we are also all about the boys and magic that are jam-packed in this first look at the next chapter in Sabrina’s story.

It is clear that Sabrina is evolving, but the question is who is she becoming? Will she still be the half-human, half-witch with a moral compass and a desire to do good? Or will she allow the darkness that seems to be a condition of signing her soul away consume her?

At this point we don’t have any answers, but we know the journey is going to be a wild ride. After all, not only is Sabrina dealing with two love interests, but she also has the Dark Lord eager to be a part of her life. Even after she struggled to accept that she would be signing herself over to the Dark Lord, it feels like the second season is getting ready to change the narrative and have her make the conscious decision to accept both parts of herself. And once she does, the sky is the limit in terms of bad behavior.

At one point in the trailer, there is talk of sacrifices, levitation, and even some witch resurrections and it quickly becomes clear that Sabrina is more than just embracing her powers, she is reveling in them. However, what makes this trailer a little more relatable is the fact that we have a love triangle and since these characters are still in high school, we are always down for a bit of romance and drama.

Even though the first season ended with Sabrina and Harvey’s relationship in shambles, we had hope that they would find their way back to each other. But then there is Nick, who is a bad boy witch with a good side. At one point Nick proved his loyalty to Sabrina by watching out for Harvey when she was trying to protect everyone in the entire town, and seeing the ex and the possible future boyfriend together was perhaps a glimpse into the future.

With this trailer, we don’t really get to see a lot of the love triangle, but that’s okay, as what we got was a tease that leaves us wanting more. We want more of the Spellmans and their unique brand of family. We want to see Sabrina letting loose and using her magic. And of course, we want to know what it is the Dark Lord has in store for Sabrina. He wants something, and clearly she has whatever that is.

There are a lot of questions still needing to be answered, and we can’t wait to get those answers. One thing is for sure, we hope Sabrina has a good explanation for that gasoline can and match at her high school.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns with new episodes on Netflix on April 5. Even Sabrina wants to know if we are ready for this wild ride.