The Walking Dead preview: Michonne, flashbacks, and a pep talk


Michonne’s grief over Rick’s disappearance effects her even after all these years, and this week’s episode will reopen those wounds as she gets flashbacks from her pregnancy.

The Walking Dead characters have a lot of agenda items to work through before the upcoming Fair. From snacks to seating arrangements, there’s a lot to plan when it comes to post-apocalyptic festivities. Now that Lydia might be joining the Fair also, along with Alpha’s impending rage, there are even more unexpected setbacks on the way. We’re already fearful for Alexandria and company; however, The Walking Dead‘s upcoming episode “Scars,” gives us some pre-Whisperers nostalgia in the form of flashbacks.

After giving us multiple Michonne-followed teasers for The Walking Dead “Scars,” complete with emotional flashbacks and even more impassioned scoring, this week’s episode better give Michonne a lot of screen time.

She deserves the primary share as we’re about to lose her completely on the show (AMC’s Walking Dead movies and spinoffs are another thing entirely). And as fans, we deserve to see more of her too. Seeing as Michonne has been the primary focus of this week’s episode’s teasers, it only seems fair that we see one of our favorite characters (even if you know her narrative will involve some heartbreaking flashbacks) before the mayhem at the Fair officially kicks off.

Michonne’s narrative won’t just include flashbacks throughout her pregnancy following Rick’s pseudo-death. A chat between her and Lydia could spare Alexandria from Alpha and the Whisperers, even if we know the series is going to stick to a more gruesome comic book arc at the Fair.

All the adults are more preoccupied with their movie choices for the quickly approaching Fair. Meanwhile, Judith is taking on Rick’s more well-intended but defiant nature to organize a mini-rebellion again her mom, Michonne. As Michonne implements her years of strategic leadership skills to convince Lydia to leave Alexandria to protect everyone, Judith looks to Daryl for guidance about the Whisperers situation. We have a hunch that Judith’s decision at the end of their chat will lead to more conflict and tension.

Sure, Michonne’s scenes in the trailer are flashbacks from when she was pregnant with Rick Grimes, Jr. (i.e. R.J.). However, one scene might not be from the past. Given Judith’s tense conversation and the leadership skills that she delegated to herself, the scene where Michonne is trying to find Judith might be in the current timeline.

We might have been bracing for the upcoming decapitations at the Fair, but now we’re worried for Judith’s sake, especially since we don’t think Alpha is in the mood to keep captives.

Also. Could Daryl finally have a romantic interest?. light

The Walking Dead‘s implicit countdown to the lethal arc at the Fair is drawing to a close. While we’re not ready to say our farewells to any of our favorite characters, this week’s upcoming episode could kickstart some drama and death scenes that we weren’t expected. We needed a warmup for the decapitations, but at what cost?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC at 8 p.m. CT.