Doom Patrol season 1 episode 5 live stream: Watch online


While we try to hypothesize what the Doom Patrol’s end of the world bucket list is, we have just as many theories about the synopsis for “Paw Patrol.”

The team is still in its heroic infancy, but they’re already tasked with stopping the end of the world. With the apocalypse in the foreground of the series, Doom Patrol episode 5, “Paw Patrol,” will feature some more comic book goodness amid the villainous Decreator’s shenanigans. However, this week’s episode will also feature some twists regarding the extended Cult of the Unwritten Book arc, and like the running theme, it’s going to be bizarre.

We love a suspenseful narrative. Sure, the threat of the world ending should be enough of a thrill for us, but Doom Patrol understands us, and they’re raising the risks for our beloved heroes (and for our viewing pleasure) with some twists, as evidenced by the episode synopsis.

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Television, the synopsis of “Paw Patrol” gives us some insight into a spin on Grant Morrison’s take on the Decreator:

"With the Apocalypse in full swing, the Doom Patrol must work with an unlikely ally – and a very special pug – to stop the end of the world."

Seeing as the synopsis specifies the adorable pug in the “Paw Patrol” promo separately from the “unlikely ally,” we can assume the team’s unlikely ally this episode won’t be Willoughby’s fluffy friend. Thankfully, we still have some suspects, who might join their makeshift efforts to stop the end of the world.

First, there’s Ezekiel the talking cockroach from the first Doom Patrol episode. Then, there’s Mr. Nobody who’s been missing in action from his side job at the show’s narrator (or may it’s just his hobby). There’s also Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man (i.e. AVM Man). Heck, maybe all of them combine forces with the Doom Patrol team to stop the Decreator. After all, nobody other than the cult wants to be decreated and there’s a lot of WTFery for the Doom Patrol to combat this week.

Okay, Ezekiel might be axed from the potential world-saving allies shortlist. He is a proponent of the apocalypse after all. Don’t cross off Morden’s name yet because teaming up with his archenemy’s formed family just to stop the end of the world isn’t that weird, even for Mr. Nobody. He can’t continue to torment the Doom Patrol if he’s decreated into a void of nothingness. We’re nonetheless excited  to see which unexpected ally will voluntarily recruit themselves on the Doom Patrol team on “Paw Patrol.”

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol online:

"Date: Friday, March 15Release Time: 9 a.m. ETEpisode: “Paw Patrol”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episodes of Doom Patrol, subscribe to DC Universe."

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