Titans adds Esai Morales to season 2 as their new Deathstroke


Titans is expanding their roster for the second season. Not only are we getting Superboy and maybe Krypto, but now we know we are getting Deathstroke.

There’s a new Deathstroke in town. While the Titans may not have known who are what they were facing the first season of the DC Universe series, heading into the second season, one of the comics’ leading villains is coming their way.

Esai Morales, who viewers may recognize from shows like Ozark and NYPD Blue, will become the dangerous assassin Slade Wilson, also known as Deathstroke thanks to his killer abilities.

In the comics, the Teen Titans have gone up against the villain on numerous occasions, as he is considered their arch-nemesis. For some, you might say that Deathstroke is to the Titans as the Joker is to Batman.

Over the years, there have been other actors who have taken on this role, including Joe Manganiello who made a cameo appearance as the assassin at the end of Justice League. And most recently, the Arrowverse had their own Slade Wilson, portrayed by Manu Bennett. However, with Esai Morales coming in to take on the role for the DC Universe’s Titans, we are excited to see how he makes this part his own.

Considering Morales has already played a ruthless character in Ozark, we think he has what it takes to give life to Deathstroke. Not only does he have the acting chops, but he knows how to be the bad guy, which is important for a character like this. After all, there is a lot of history between the Titans and Deathstroke, at least in the comics.

Having the series introduce Slade Wilson in their second season makes a lot of sense. Not only did this give us a chance to get to know the members of the team, but it also let the story build to new villains entering their world. It also makes sense to potentially have a primary villain, after the events of season 1.

While the Titans may have to deal with more than one bad guy in their second season, it is definitely something the team needs. In the first season, it never felt like we had a clear picture of who the villains were. And even when we had an idea, there was still this weird sense of waiting to see if they were really as bad as they seemed.

However, with Deathstroke, we know that the Titans are going to have their hands full. This is no ordinary villain. Instead, this is a character who has made a name for himself across the DC comics. He is not just the Titans‘ villain, he is a universal bad guy, and that is what makes his addition to the series so interesting.

As is, we know that the team will have a lot on their plate when the second season picks up. And we don’t really know how Deathstroke is going to be integrated into the series. However, just knowing he is going to be there to mess with our heroes is exciting (for us, maybe not for them).

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Whatever Titans decides to do in order to introduce Esai Morales’ Deathstroke, we think the character is the perfect addition to the series. Not only does it give us the ultimate villain for the team, but Morales himself is an excellent casting decision, as he brings a lot to the table. Now we just have to wait for the series to return to see how everything comes together.