Star Wars: Do we actually believe Oscar Isaac about the end of the Skywalker saga?


Sure, Oscar Isaac has said that Star Wars: Episode IX really will conclude the main story of the films, but will Disney let its property rest?

Star Wars makes a lot of money. This is not really something to be argued about. In fact, we’re surprised it took Disney this long to get Galaxy’s Edge together after purchasing Lucasfilm in 2012. So, when Oscar Isaac says that yes, Episode IX is very definitely the “end of the entire Skywalker saga,” we’re not sure we believe him.

Now, as SYFY Wire argues in the above link, this doesn’t mean that there won’t be more movies, and that’s obvious. Films like Rogue One have proven that you don’t need Skywalkers to have major roles (Darth Vader’s killer scenes notwithstanding) to earn goodwill among the fanbase and at the box office.

But there are a lot of people to whom Star Wars, as a franchise, has some appeal. Not all of those people will buy the merch or read the books, but they know the Skywalkers specifically. For better or for worse, the clan of dramatic, yet powerful-with-the-Force family members, from Anakin on down to Kylo Ren, are memorable. They’re a weird, wild family, and they make a wider galaxy seem more accessible. Take that away permanently, not just for spin-offs, and some of those more casual fans may drop off.

It seems wise to read Isaac’s comments not as a confirmation of Disney’s long-term plans for the franchise so much as something that might be the current opinion of Disney. With Disney+ working on at least two shows set in the universe, it’s not like the franchise will really go away for any period of time.

Depending on how IX  plays out, there is potential for the Skywalker line to continue, whether it be through Kylo Ren or Rey, if she does turn out to be a Skywalker. It has happened before in Legends continuity, with characters like Cade Skywalker enjoying runs in the comics in particular. Should Disney decide that yes, the Skywalkers are part of the success of the films, there are resources to draw on — including George Lucas himself, who has put the idea out there that 12 films were once a possibility.

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When it comes to Star Wars, never say never. Episode IX arrives Dec. 20.