The Dragon Prince: 6 questions we need answered in season 3

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The second season of The Dragon Prince expanded the world introduced during season 1, but it also raised plenty of new questions that fans need answered.

Netflix’s The Dragon Prince has received plenty of praise since its premiere, blending the storytellng style of Avatar: The Last Airbender with world building and a magic system reminiscent of any high fantasy story. The series follows two young princes who team up with a Moonshadow elf to return the egg of the dragon prince to its mother—despite the longtime enmity between both humans and elves and humans and dragons.

The second season of the series was released on Feb. 15, and it certainly expands upon the world and storylines introduced during season 1. Not only does season 2 offer fans a glimpse into new parts of the world surrounding Katolis, but it also delves more deeply into primal and dak magic—two types of magic that the series is sure to pit against one another before it comes to an end.

But while the new season of The Dragon Prince adds more depth to Callum’s and Ezran’s world, it also raises plenty of new questions in the process. The magic system is evolving in ways that aren’t fully clear to the characters or the viewers just yet, and the storylines are headed in directions that could mean big things for our characters.

Sadly, a third season for The Dragon Prince hasn’t officially been confirmed yet. This isn’t necessarily surprising, given that the second season has only been out for about a month. Even without the green light for season three, though, the creators have confirmed that they have a “clear vision” for the future of the series.

With any hope, that vision contains answers to some of fans’ most pressing questions from the second season. Here are a few we’d like answered if the series is renewed for another season.