15 essential Avengers: Endgame theories to know before the premiere

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Thanos-busting technology

While many fans have suggested that Tony Stark could make the Thanos Buster suit, Mr. Stark isn’t doing that well in space, and NASA still won’t answer our messages about rescuing Tony. Granted, the organization has had other more pressing priorities, like officially putting down the loyal Mars rover, Opportunity.

With Tony out of food, water, and oxygen, he has a more pressing issue to attend to — such as surviving — before he even thinks about building some Titan-fighting technology. The billionaire might be out of the lineup, but there are other genius inventors who survived the snap, and one of them is Shuri.

Her time undercover as an apparent missing person would allow her ample time to work on a suit specifically designed to fight and reprimand Thanos. Being away from the Avengers would also give her a few distractions to work on the project. Granted, with half the universe being reduced to dust, there are statistically fewer distractions.

While we might guess Shuri will create a Thanos-busting suit, the technology could be a collaborative effort between her, Bruce, and Tony (once someone rescues him and Nebula from space).