15 essential Avengers: Endgame theories to know before the premiere

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Pepper Potts may become an Avenger

On Instagram (though the photo is now gone), Gwyneth Paltrow shared a selfie of her wearing what could be the Rescue suit presumably while she filmed Avengers: Endgame. Even if all the heroes who perished in Infinity War were resurrected before their rematch with Thanos, the Avengers are going to need every superpowered and arc reactor-fueled hero in the universe to defeat him.

Even without the Rescue suit that Tony designed for her in previous films, Pepper might still have some of her Extremis-derived powers from Iron Man 3. After all, Paltrow was suspiciously vague when discussing any of Pepper’s remaining powers, according to Insider. Honestly, we’re ready for Pepper’s reunion with her powers. If she uses her powers again in Endgame, that doesn’t mean she was ever without them, but it would be a reunion for us.

With or without powers, Pepper is a fiery force, and her greenscreen photo of her Rescue suit could just mean she’s using her fighting capabilities to get some leverage on Thanos or to save her soon-to-be-husband in space. Pepper’s suit-up moment could mean she might fight alongside the Avengers in a rematch against Thanos, but it could also signify that we’ll see even more people in the MCU step up and take temporary roles as heroes. However, we hope Pepper’s role as an archetypal hero is a more permanent gig, even if she says she’s retiring from the MCU.