Celebrate International Women’s Day with these 6 beauty brands


That’s right: You can practice your skincare regime and help women-centric organizations on International Women’s Day.

Sure, buying new beauty and skincare products might not be the most conventional way to celebrate International Women’s Day, but we also know that you’re probably not conventional either. You’re probably on your way to a productive protest right now. Maybe you’ve even finished your International Women’s Day social posts for the day.

Point is, there’s no one way to effectively celebrate today or women (including yourself). Since most of us have a skincare routine (and you if you don’t, you should because it can have a therapeutic impact beyond the physical result), we’ve collected a few beauty brands you might want to support this International Women’s Day.

On a typical day or even a typical month, a beauty brand is just that: a beauty brand. Today, several skincare and beauty brands are enacting some philanthropic promotions. Some beauty brands are donating part of their sales to vital women’s organizations. Others are extending the promotions to help equality-promoting causes throughout the month.

Regardless, March 8 (and potentially beyond), can help more than your pores and self-care rituals. Don’t worry: You don’t have to go sleuthing for these charitable deals because we have a few we this you might like.

1. The Better Skin Co.

This promotion is only temporary, but if you, your brother, or your bestie need a coconut oil-enriched mirakulous cream, you might want to try the company’s Mirakle Cream. Though the deal ends after today, The Better Skin Co. will donate 100 percent of today’s sales off of the cream to the ACLU, so they can help support women’s rights.

As someone with perpetually parched skin that overall hates me, I might be biased towards the multi-purposed Mirakle Cream, but it helps keep me hydrated. Obviously, products work differently for everyone, but if you’re looking for a new product to join your faves on your countertop, why not try something that could help the ACLU?

Price: $34.00

2. L’Occitane

Launching a limited time orange blossom Solidarity Balm (which by the way, smells ~amazing~), 100 percent of the profits will go toward the L’Occitane Foundation. Beyond the shea butter enriched balm that supports Burkina Faso women, the L’Occitane Foundation works to fund NGO initiatives that endorse women leadership programs in Burkina Faso.

Honestly, we had faith that shea butter-based products could change the world (on our skincare routine), but L’Occitane just further bolsters our theory.

Price: £5.00

3. Bobbi Brown x Lulu Guinness

We all love Bobbi Brown’s foundation coverage and the brand’s bright highlighting powders. However, on this International Women’s Day, the beauty brand is donating all the proceeds from its partnership with Lulu Guinness to Smart Works.

The aptly named Bobbi Brown x Lulu Guinness Pretty Powerful collection includes the Smokey Eye Mascara and Art Stick in the shade Bare, but it’s all wrapped in an adorable limited time makeup bag.

Price: £35.00

4. Rael x Happy Period

Beyond just International Women’s Day, Rael is extending its partnership with Happy Period throughout the entire month. Like the Rael deal isn’t exclusive to just today, their promotion extends to all their products. If you buy any Rael product, the company will donate menstrual products to someone in need, with the help of Happy Period of course.

This partnership between a cruelty-free beauty brand and Happy Period’s on-going mission to make period products more accessible almost seems like destiny, and we’re just glad this partnership exists.

Price: varies

5. Thrive Causemetics

All of today’s sales from Thrive Causemetics’ Buildable Blur CC Cream will be donated to She’s The First. You know: The organization that helps end gender-based inequality in educational systems.

Honestly, Thrive has our business just based on the fact that their CC Cream doesn’t feature 15 shades of pale. Plus, the CC Cream also has some vitamin C to help pack our pores with antioxidants. However, we’re also glad that the beauty brand regularly donates a portion of its sales to help women entrepreneurs succeed. (Hence the name of the company.)

Price: $38.00

6. C’est Moi

From complexion clarifying formulas to sugary body scrub to lip crayons that make us nostalgic about our Crayola crafts, C’est Moi is joining the month-long spirit of donating. Intersecting women empowerment and philanthropy, the beauty brand is donating 20 percent of its proceeds this month to Step Up Women’s Network.

Obviously, we’re reading to use our monthly skincare budget to help C’est Moi help Step Up Women’s Network mentor and inspire teenage girls in under-funded areas, so they can become the next generation of powerful women leaders.

Price: varies

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There are plenty of other skincare companies and even fashion brands that are ready to transform your money beyond just your next expenditure. In the spirit of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we’re more than ready to dual our skincare products as self-care and a charitable affair.