Avengers: Endgame: Disney shareholder footage teases heroes ready to find Thanos


An unreleased clip for Avengers: Endgame is giving us clues about how our heroes will avenge the fallen. But it seems like some heroes will be left behind.

With a little over a month to go, the second trailer for Avengers: Endgame still hasn’t arrived yet. Despite this unfortunate fact, Disney shareholders at their annual meeting got to see exclusive footage from Endgame that has not been released to the public today.

While the public could listen into the meeting, they did not have the opportunity to hear audio from the clips Disney showed (including that for Star Wars Episode IX). Luckily, there are eyes and ears around the web who were able to report on the footage they saw. One shareholder, Scott Ladewig, was able to share a lengthy description of the Endgame clip, and he detailed it in a series of tweets following the meeting.

ComicBook.com also says it had a source in Disney’s shareholder meeting who was able to provide information about the scene. Both sources line up precisely well in describing the clip, and there are a lot of revelations in just one small scene. Stitching together both of the sources, here are the major plot points that happen in the clip:

  • Captain Marvel, Nebula, Thor, Rocket, Bruce, Rhodey, Captain America, and Black Widow are all at the Avengers HQ.
  • Rocket is able to see that the energy signature given off by the snap matches a similar one found on another planet.
  • Nebula suggests Thanos could have gone to “the garden.”
  • Captain Marvel says they’ll have to find Thanos and get the Infinity Stones to undo Thanos’ damage.
  • They all board the Milano, with Rocket asking who hasn’t been to space before. Captain America, Natasha and Rhodey raise their hands.
  • Rocket asks them not to puke on the ship.

There’s, thankfully, a lot to pick apart from this short scene. What we do know is that, of course, Captain Marvel eventually comes to join the Avengers on Earth in the quest to defeat Thanos. This means that we will definitely have a team on the hunt for Thanos. But there are still questions to be asked, and we may have answers.

Where are Tony Stark and Scott Lang?

Based off of this description, there’s a distinct lack of Iron Man and Ant-Man. Fans on Twitter have pointed out that it’s curious that Nebula would be with the Avengers, but not Tony — especially seeing as the two were basically stranded in space together in the trailer. This also does nothing to explain how Nebula got back to Earth in the first place in a ship with little fuel, but that’s a whole plotline nut to crack.

If Tony Stark did survive his space expedition, then it could be likely that he and Scott Lang are off on their own mission to go back in time. This lines up with all the time travel theories and photos fans saw with Robert Downey Jr. and Paul Rudd on set in a scene that looked like the Battle of New York. We’re not sure why they’d go there just yet, but it’s possible this is where the two have made off to.

How about Clint Barton and Sam Wilson?

We’re also lacking Hawkeye and Falcon in this clip. While we saw Black Widow track down Hawkeye in the trailer, who now appears as his other alter ego, Ronin, the scene doesn’t reference him being with them.

Falcon was also a survivor of the snap who is not mentioned in the clip. Is it possible these two Avengers could get back together to form their own mini-team? They were on the same side during Captain America: Civil War, meaning they do know each other and would team up well together.

Where did Thanos really go?

Thanos just destroys half of the universe, and then he’s nowhere to be found. At the end of Infinity War, we do see Thanos has made off to some place where he can watch the sunrise in peace. We also see in the Endgame trailer that the place is filled with fields of nice-looking flowers. So Thanos will be quite cozy before his inevitable beat-down.

The Russo brothers explained during a Q&A that this new location is aptly called Titan 2. The original Titan was likely too desolate for Thanos to settle down in, so he’s found his own quiet corner of the universe elsewhere. It’s a good thing Nebula probably knows where he’s hiding so they’ll be able to find him easier.

There are still so many questions to be asked, but at least this clip helps to give us some more insight into what will be going on in the post-snap universe.

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