Fans are catching on to a special device that might come in handy in Avengers 4


Some fans online think that a special device by Tony Stark might help in Avengers 4. You might recognize it from a previous movie.

Warning! Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 ahead. While Infinity War is already out, you might want to tread with caution.

We’re all still recovering from the events in Avengers: Infinity War. But the Russo brothers have done nothing more but make us yearn for what’s next to come for all of the Avengers.

Now, thanks to some set photos from Avengers 4 and the knowledge that we have from Infinity War, fans are finally putting the pieces together. They think a special piece of technology will set up a victory for the heroes.

To play catch-up, earlier this week, one fan made the connection that time travel has to be the way to save the day, given what we see in the photos. They all pretty much look like they’re taken from the 2012’s Avengers movie except… those scenes were filmed pretty recently!

Before, no one knew for sure which scenes would end up in Infinity War and which scenes would end up in Avenger 4. But now that we’ve seen Infinity War, it’s safe to say these remaining scenes are all in the next movie (unless the Russo brothers are keen on shooting fake scenes.)

And so, earlier in the year, CBR and some others caught wind that a piece of tech from Captain America: Civil War made its way to the set of the newest Avengers movies. The prop was labeled “Binary Augmented Retro Framing,” (B.A.R.F.).

You might remember good old B.A.R.F. from the early scene in Civil War where Tony shows off the created scene of him and his parents when he was young. Tony defined it as “an extremely costly method of hijacking the hippocampus to clear traumatic memories.”

So how do these all fit together knowing what we know about Infinity War? It’s possible that B.A.R.F. will be a way to get into the minds of some important people who hold some key info in how the Avengers can defeat Thanos. Perhaps Stark or another Avenger will explore someone’s memory to revisit the New York attack.

It’s clear to see that there are two different-looking Tony Starks in the photos — one present-day Tony and one 2012 Tony. So will he use his own technology to save the day?

One thing we’re not sure of is if B.A.R.F. will allow the Avengers to specifically go back in time. You’d think we would have heard if Tony Stark created time traveling abilities to rival that of the Time Stone. (Right?)

Although, we can’t also forget about Captain Marvel, Ant-Man and probably even Hawkeye, who’ll all have something to bring to the table for this epic finale. B.A.R.F. might be one piece of tech that can help, but the Avengers are a team. And it’s their teamwork combined that will stop Thanos for good.

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Really, this device is one big Chekhov’s Gun. We saw Tony Stark test out the technology in Civil Warbut we never got any resolution as to what we could use it for. I’d have to give big props to the Russo brothers if they planted that scene in their movie two years ago, just to have it finally pay off in Avengers 4. 

What do you think the device will help the Avengers accomplish? Leave us a comment!

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