Star Wars Resistance: A closer look at Agent Tierny


In this week’s episode of Star Wars Resistance, a new character appears and shakes things up by revealing the truth to Tam about Kaz’s ties to the Resistance. Who is Agent Tierny and what role will she play moving forward?

In “Descent,” Team Fireball creates a distraction in an attempt to escape Commander Pyre. Chaos breaks out in Yeager’s garage. Tam watches the mess unfold, unable to understand why this is happening and why they’re being held accountable for something they didn’t do. She tries to be reasonable, and as a result, she stays behind.

Unfortunately for her, Commander Pyre takes her into custody. Meanwhile, upon hearing the news of Resistance spies on the Colossus, Agent Tierny arrives to question Tam about what she knows. She looks imposing because of the armor she wears and the serious expression on her face.

“She’s a security agent like Kallus, and they get to design their own gear,” said Amy Beth Christenson, the art director for Star Wars Resistance, in a recent article. “They don’t really have the standard uniform, so her entire undersuit is very police/SWAT team inspired.”

She also looks like the type of person who has had many successes in her career as an agent of the First Order Security Bureau. Most importantly, she looks like she doesn’t play any games and gets the job done.

We know this because of the gentle use of her voice and the method with which she operates. We can tell right away Tierny is both incredibly smart and strategic. She plays nice with Tam and makes her feel comfortable by bringing her to the Aces Lounge, where they could talk freely about what’s happened. Tierny knows how to gain Tam’s trust and how to use the truth about Kaz’s background to her benefit.

In a way, she’s like a good cop and bad cop all wrapped up into one. Something tells us she’s acting kind for now, but there’s a side to her we haven’t seen yet, and it could potentially be ruthless. Take, for example, Kallus’ early days as an agent of the Imperial Security Bureau in Star Wars Rebels. He was relentless and took pride in the work he did for the Empire because it upheld his idea and understanding for order.

While there’s the possibility that Agent Tierny could potentially “see the light,” we don’t think the writers are heading in that direction. For one, it’s too common of a story. We’ve seen the bad-guy-turns-good-guy routine before, especially in Star Wars.

Additionally, the sequel movies and Star Wars Resistance have consistently emphasized how the First Order is on the extreme end of the evil scale. Most of the people in their ranks have been brainwashed and those who willingly align themselves with the First Order are okay with their twisted vision and approach.

There might be a few who follow the First Order blindly, but for the most part, they are essentially the bigger and badder Pokémon evolution of the Empire. Agent Tierny is supposed to represent that, so we don’t think a repetition of Kallus’ story is going to pan out.

We also can’t help but think Tierny is going to pose a bigger problem for Kaz and his friends moving forward. While Commander Pyre and Major Vonreg have been playing the antagonists so far, we’ve been missing a Hux-like character in the series. In the movies, Hux is the un-helmeted First Order officer who works in collaboration with Captain Phasma. Agent Tierny could be playing that kind of role alongside Commander Pyre.

This is just fun theorizing, of course, and making comparisons between what we’ve seen in the movies and what has come before in other animated shows. We can’t stay for sure what’s coming next for Kaz and his friends, but we know it’s going to be a long and difficult journey. And maybe, a few hurdles along the way will include Agent Tierny and her quest to stop the Resistance agents on the Colossus in their tracks.

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The next episode of Star Wars Resistance, “No Escape, Part 1,” airs on Sunday, Mar. 10, on Disney Channel at 10 p.m. ET and on DisneyNOW.