Anna Wintour analyzes Kim Kardashian and the KUWTK clan’s style


Vogue editor Anna Wintour has finally revealed her views on Kim Kardashian West and the KUWTK clan’s style, including her favorite among the sisters.

For years, Vogue editor Anna Wintour has been revered as the ultimate style diva. Now, this Vogue fashion guru is finally sharing how she really feels about Kim Kardashian West and the entire Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) clan.

Wintour has been dishing up her stylish thoughts in Vogue’s “Go Ask Anna” video series. In the most recent episode, Wintour spills all the tasty tea on what she’s been really thinking as she’s observed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians clan.

Wintour says Kardashian/Jenner empire is admirable

First up to go under the “Go Ask Anna” microscope: KUWTK mom/manager Kris Jenner.

“You have to admire how [the Kardashians] have created an empire obviously through their personalities and the creative genius of their mother [Kris Jenner,” says Wintour.

The editor marveled at how the family lives “so much in the public eye,” admitting “but obviously it works.”

Surprisingly kind words for Kim Kardashian West

While Kim has become known for her sometimes over-the-top outfits (hello, nude bodysuits), Wintour says she feels that Kim has changed the most of all the family.

And she appreciates those changes, which the Vogue editor feels have become more modest.

“I personally admire the way she’s become a little bit more minimal in the way that she’s dressing and a little bit more covered,” adds Wintour.

So who is Wintour’s favorite KUWTK member?

Sorry, Kim, but you aren’t the KUWTK sister who’s earned the most praise from Wintour. Instead, she heaped her compliments on the supermodel of the family, Kendall Jenner.

“People thought that [Kendall Jenner] wouldn’t last, and I give her a lot of credit for persevering and having a successful modeling career,” asserts Wintour.

Wintour also praises Kendall Jenner for her “very open and very direct” comments about her goals as a model. Rather than aspire as some models do to becoming an actress, Kendall has stated that “she just wants to be a model” and “that she enjoys being a model,”  Wintour points out.

The Vogue editor also notes that Jenner has “worked hard” at her goal of becoming a supermodel, and said that she hopes Kendall continues.

“She reminds me in many ways of Linda Evangelista, who was always happy being a model,” adds Wintour.

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What do you think of Anna Wintour’s views on the KUWTK clan’s style? Do you agree with her praise for Kendall Jenner and views on how Kim Kardashian has changed?