Meghan Markle puts royal spin on Kim Kardashian’s maternity style


Is Meghan Markle channeling reality TV star Kim Kardashian when choosing her royal maternity fashions? We see stylish similarities!

Meghan Markle has delighted royal fashion observers with her maternity looks. While some of her choices are similar to Kim Kardashian, others show Markle’s skill in combining designer luxury with budget-friendly baby bump attire.

Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle both enjoy figure-flattering styles

Like Kardashian, Markle is a fan of skin-tight fashions, as pointed out by New Idea.

Markle and Kardashian both favor form-fitting maternity wear, particularly styles that emphasize rather than try to disguise their baby bumps. We love that these famous women are proud to be pregnant!

Something else we admire about Meghan Markle’s designer style (and we wish Kim Kardashian would follow suit): The expecting Duchess often wears very affordable maternity fashions,
then combines them with designer accessories such as upscale handbags and shoes.

Meghan Markle embraces affordable styles

In contrast to Kardashian, Markle has consistently shown her fashion followers that looking like royalty in trendy maternity attire can be surprisingly economical.

For example, Markle recently opted for a cream-hued maternity frock from H&M priced at just £25. The Duchess added a royal touch with some expensive accessories in the form of purses and shoes.

Markle opted for Manolo Blahnik Allura 105 heels and a Stella McCartney tote bag. Her choice of a nude Armani cashmere coat also stayed true to typical Kardashian style choices.

Compare that royal choice with Kardashian in Valentino pregnancy wear.

Kim Kardashian, Meghan Markle like to play with nude maternity styles

Kardashian is known for favoring nude-hued styles, whether or not she’s pregnant. Markle appears to be following in her designer footsteps.

ET noted that Markle wore the form-fitting nude-hued style when she was visiting an animal charity Mayhew in London.

Kardashian chose that same form-fitting style but in black during one of her pregnancies, sharing the look on Instagram.

Meghan Markle stays professional in pregnancy style with these colors

One of the repeating themes in Markle’s style since she tied the knot with Prince Harry: She primarily wears neutral colors, such as black, cream, rose, beige, and navy, pointed out

And that decision is a noticeable contrast to Kardashian. While Kardashian often steps out in the brightest colors regardless of whether she is pregnant, Markle increasingly has turned to muted tones.

A royal source told that Markle’s color scheme for her maternity wear is part of her progress in refining her duchess style. Markle occasionally varies this subdued color theme, such as with a stunning red coat and matching heels that beautifully complement her shining dark hair.

But in general, Markle puts the focus on neutral colors.

Meghan Markle has a style mission that differs from Kim Kardashian

“Meghan’s mission from the beginning was to create a functional work uniform,” clarified the royal insider to “Looks that weren’t overpowering that wouldn’t take away from the work itself.”

Markle’s color palette stays true to that mission, with her style hues turning the spotlight from her style to her charity work.

In addition, Markle has sought ways to feature ethical fashion and socially conscious styles. For example, Markle was seen in Dubbo, Australia, sporting a pair of Outland Denim jeans. The slacks are sourced from women seamstresses who have escaped the sex trade.

Meghan Markle understands meaning of classic style

And there’s a final part of Markle’s style mission that dramatically contrasts with Kim Kardashian. While the reality star loves to flaunt (or even create) the latest style trends, Markle has chosen to focus on classic styles, not trendy ones.

“Meghan is conscious of making her work wardrobe become too trend conscious,” added the royal source who spoke with “[She] wants to be respectful and doesn’t want her style to take away from the very important work she’s doing.”

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What do you think of Meghan Markle’s maternity style? Do you like her choices that seem to be channeling Kim Kardashian? Share your views in our comments section.