Starbucks collaborates with Ariana Grande on a new macchiato


If you are looking to change things up and break up with your old drink, Starbucks is here for you. And thanks to a collaboration with Ariana Grande, there’s a new drink in town.

Starbucks is expanding its drink menu with the help of Ariana Grande. On March 4, both the singer and the company began posting cryptic (but fun) tweets and Instagram posts in which they shared pictures of clouds and even sand art shaped like clouds.

Hidden in many of the posts were secret messages, including one that said, “thank you next.” And while there was plenty of speculation as to what type of collaboration these two might be doing, now we know.

It turns out that Starbucks was inspired by Grande to create a brand new macchiato, according to a press release from the company. The new Cloud Macchiato is a twist on the classic, that uses cold foam to give the drink a cloud of froth on top. If you aren’t sure exactly what cold foam is, Starbucks describes it as, “an airy microfoam frothed cold and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor, without the cream.”

The Cloud Macchiato is available in both the United States and Canada, and will come in two different flavors. You can order either cinnamon or caramel when snagging this inspired drink option.

The Cloud powder that is used to create this new macchiato is a very special recipe that includes egg whites, which help to give the foam its airy and cloud-like foam.

With hints of lemon as well, this is one drink that is unlike any other that came before it. Just like the original Macchiato, you will be able to snag the Ariana Grande-inspired drink in either a hot or cold beverage.

And you don’t have to worry about this drink vanishing once you’ve already fallen in love with it (unlike some of their specialty drinks on the menu), as this is a permanent addition to their menu.

Plus, according to Business Insider, the new Cloud Macchiato may not be the only magical thing we get out of this Starbucks and Ariana Grande collaboration. Apparently, there are also plans for a specially curated playlist of Grande’s music, as well as some of her own favorites. And all of this will be released in time for International Women’s Day.

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As fans of both Grande and Starbucks, I am excited to give this new macchiato a try, especially the caramel option. This looks like a picture perfect drink that will end up being the star of Instagram and Snapchat for quite some time to come.