Game of Thrones season 8: Relax about Yara Greyjoy


Although we haven’t seen her in official promos just yet, Yara Greyjoy’s actress, Gemma Whelan, has given us some Game of Thrones reassurance.

Game of Thrones has a lot of characters, and most of them who are still alive deigned to show up earlier today in the release of the full trailer for season 8. Curiously missing, though, are all of the Greyjoys, with only a shot of the Golden Company coming in on Euron’s fleet to remind us that they are one of the great houses of Westeros (technically).

When last we checked in with them, the Greyjoys were not doing so well, Euron excluded, because Yara had been captured and Theon was attempting to save her. While Theon got a poster, Yara did not.

However, Gemma Whelan stepped in on Twitter to reassure us that she hasn’t forgotten — nor has the show forgotten her character (with a hat tip to r/freefolk):

Alright, everyone, just absorb that for a second. She probably isn’t fine, necessarily, because she’s still in Euron’s clutches as far as we know, but she’s not just suddenly being written out of the show. Her attempted rescue by Theon is essentially the culmination of his arc, and presumably, it’ll be hers, too.

Through the seasons, we’ve come to respect Yara as a fighter and someone worthy of the throne of the Iron Islands all on her own; the show should give her some closure aside from whatever Theon ends up doing for her.

We’re venturing a little into possible spoiler territory here, but this is what we know. Pyke is probably going to appear at some point in season 8, based on some set construction. It may not be a long arc, and we don’t know when it might appear in the show. It’s possible that it’s part of the first two episodes that precede the battle for Winterfell in episode 3, just so there’s some potential for Yara and Theon to bring what they can as a last-second group of reinforcements for Winterfell, possibly getting rid of Euron in the process.

We can dream about the Euron thing, at least. We don’t think two Greyjoys and a motley crew, even as competent as Yara is, can take down the entire Golden Company in the process.

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Game of Thrones returns April 14.