Game of Thrones season 8 character posters: What you missed

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In every character poster for Game of Thrones season 8, there are interesting details in plain sight: what everyone’s wearing.

Never underestimate the ability of Game of Thrones to show up and completely torch the internet’s collective productivity. This morning, it came in the form of not just one poster, but 20, each showing one individual character taking a seat on the Iron Throne. Whether or not it’s their actual seat come the end of season 8 … well, that’s entirely up to interpretation.

This release also came with 20 Twitter emoji just ready and waiting for usage. Each is a mini rendering of the character in question’s face.

Seriously, just take a look at them:

Game of Thrones emoji for Twitter. Screenshot via @TwitterTV/

Don’t mess with Cersei. Or Sansa. Or, well, any of them.

But let’s get back to those posters. All 20 of them have their own character (in both senses of the word), but look past the expressions on faces. Let’s take a look at what they’re wearing, shall we?

Image: HBO

Tyrion Lannister

Well, he’s still wearing the badge that marks him Hand of the Queen, but his scar is more prominent than it has been in recent seasons. Additionally, that belt buckle is strangely prominent, catching your eye, and it’s not a well-fit belt at all. We’re not going to toss out any wild theories just based on that, but it’s an odd detail.

Okay, one odd theory: keep an eye on the oval shape of it as well as the color.