15 Carpool Karaoke episodes worth watching over and over

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Stevie Wonder

If ever there was a Carpool Karaoke that started off with the humor right away it would have to be when Stevie Wonder joined James Corden for a nearly 11 minute singing car ride. Not knowing who he was in the car with, and finding out it was Wonder in the driver seat to start things off was pure comedic genius.

Of course, there was no way that Stevie Wonder was actually going to drive them around town, but to get that joke out of the way made it clear that this was going to be an epic adventure. And the fact that the legendary singer had no problem poking fun at Corden was like finding a cherry on top of the sundae. It was all the fun we could have hoped for, and more, as we were also treated to an emotional moment as well.

And of course, we were also excited by the musical selections, especially the opening song, “Superstition.” Beyond that classic, we also got to hear the duo sing songs like “I Just Called To Say I Love You,” “For Once In My Life,” and “Isn’t She Lovely.”

This was another legendary Carpool Karaoke, and that alone is enough to make it a must watch. But really anytime we can get a legend to have some fun and sing karaoke style, we are there. And Stevie Wonder is as much a musical icon, as he is a legend. This was pure perfection as far as being a lover of all things music, and I wish this video had been longer than the nearly 11 minutes that it ended up being.