15 Carpool Karaoke episodes worth watching over and over

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Elton John

Elton John is a musical legend and an icon. That means that having him take part in Carpool Karaoke is perhaps one of the most fun things we could have ever watched. Not only was the singer ready to bring the laughs, but of course, he was here for the music as well.

As someone who has seen Elton John in concert, I was excited to see the singer perform and have fun with James Corden. And I was definitely not disappointed. In fact, it made me wish I was along for the ride.

John was able to get the laughs, even donning his classically oversized glasses for a performance of “Crocodile Rock.” Of course, there was more to the segment than just laughs. We also got to listen to some truly classic songs as well. I mean if ever there was a Carpool Karaoke loaded with hit songs, it had to be this one.

We got to listen to Corden and John as they belted out song like, “Your Song,” “Circle of Life,” “I’m Still Standing,” and “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me.” And sure, we got to learn more about his career, including how “Your Song” came to be, but it was the singing and joyous moments of music that really had our attention.

Watching the singer have fun with his own music was such a treat, that it left us wanting more. And considering the video is almost 12 minutes, it’s not like we didn’t get plenty to enjoy. It’s just that this is Elton John, and he is a true performer. He is clearly someone who can have fun with his work and can also have a good time, even if it is during a segment of Carpool Karaoke.

This is definitely one of those episodes we watched on repeat.