15 Carpool Karaoke episodes worth watching over and over

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Jennifer Hudson

We love when a segment of Carpool Karaoke starts out with a little drama, even if it is all in fun. And when Jennifer Hudson joined Corden for a ride to work, that is exactly how things started as the singer was a bit late for her ride in with the late night host. After a bit of friendly bickering, the two made up, and not only gave us some musical offerings, but also ordered breakfast from a drive through using song, and even made a pit stop at Hudson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Of course, we love the fact that this eight-minute ride was all in fun. But we were mostly impressed with how Jennifer Hudson singing about burgers gave us even more of an opportunity to hear just how talented she is. She made singing about burgers sound like it could be a high-powered ballad.

Of course, there were also actual songs sung, and not just the made up ones that went along with food. Among the songs we got to hear the duo perform were “Trouble,” “Spotlight,” and “And I Am Telling You.” While typically Corden is able to hold his own with the people he is singing with (and he did this time for the most part), when it came to the song from Dreamgirls, Hudson out sang him by quite a bit (which really is not that surprising).

We love getting to know little tidbits about all of the celebrities who join Corden in a round of Carpool Karaoke, and Hudson was no different. This was another fun ride around town that included glorious vocals and fun facts, leaving us with another must watch video that we think is too fun to pass up.