15 Carpool Karaoke episodes worth watching over and over

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Ed Sheeran

We are big fans of Ed Sheeran for so many reasons. But his ability to be humble, while also having an immense talent, is definitely at the top of the list. And seeing him get into the car with James Corden for an episode of Carpool Karaoke was a delight that included some fun and humor, as well as an impressive amount of singing.

During their drive around Los Angeles, we watched as Corden challenged Sheeran to stuff his mouth with as many Maltesers as possible (which ended up being 55), and we of course got to learn more about the singer, while also listening to sing some of his biggest hits to that point, which included “Sing,” “Shape of You,” and “Castle on the Hill.” He even sang a One Direction song, which makes him the best guest ever (or at least one of the best guests ever).

Honestly, I was excited when it was announced that we were getting an Ed Sheeran Carpool Karaoke. And I was definitely not disappointed. Everything about this video was what I expected and more. From the fun to the fact that the singer is such a good person, and just how talented he is, everything about this segment was perfect.

And of course, it was awesome to hear Corden perfectly harmonizing with Sheeran, as it proved once again that he is the perfect person to host karaoke, even in a car ride to work. It’s a great reminder that even though he is a late night talk show host, he is so much more than that.

Fingers crossed we get another chance to see these two doing Carpool Karaoke together. We can’t imagine it being anything less than amazing.