Doom Patrol season 1 episode 3: How to watch online


Doom Patrol episode 3, ” Puppet Patrol” is finally upon us. As the titular team continues their search for Niles Caulder, we have a feeling we’ll learn more about his confrontational past with Mr. Nobody.

Conflict and revelation are the two themes for Doom Patrol episode 3. Seeing as the team is still new to their heroic mantle, we can expect to see some turbulence in their team dynamic. As they continue the search for the Chief, we’ll see some important clarifications about Mr. Nobody’s origin story, as well as some devastating flashbacks for the team of do-gooders.

We’re only three episodes into Doom Patrol, and we already have a lot of questions. Who is Dr. Von Fuchs? Where is Niles Caulder? And when is this show going to formally introduce the rest of the Brotherhood of Dada? After all, we can’t and shouldn’t expect that a Doom Patrol series would neglect the opportunity to feature Dada in their full force.

Although “Puppet Patrol” will give us some answers to our undying queries, Doom Patrol will likely just refuel our question library — but we’re strangely all right with that.

Courtesy of DC Universe, we have a synopsis to prepare us for “Puppet Patrol,” episode 3 of Doom Patrol:

"Following their only lead in the search for Niles Caulder, the Doom Patrol set out for Paraguay where they discover Dr. Von Fuchs (guest star JULIAN RICHINGS) the Nazi doctor who transformed Eric Morden into Mr. Nobody and learn the connection between Niles and the two villains."

Continuing their search for the Chief, the team’s search expedition won’t come with some unhealthy complications. While the heroes continue to recover from their first encounter with Mr. Nobody’s powers from another dimension, they’ll learn more about how Eric Morden became Mr. Nobody in this new episode.

Since DC Universe altered some portions of each character’s backstories, especially in regards to Mr. Nobody, we’ll likely see the demons in the details as the show expands on the villainous narrator’s backstory.

We might be excited to see how the third episode will fortify Mr. Nobody’s persona, but we’re more interested in how the show will incorporate Dr. Von Fuchs in the narrative. Well, that and if the team’s scavengers hunt for Niles Caulder will come to an end.

Here’s how you can watch the next episode of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol online:

"Date: Friday, March 1Release Time: 9 a.m. ETEpisode: “Puppet Patrol”Streaming Platform: DC UniverseLive Stream: To watch this week’s episodes of Doom Patrol, subscribe to DC Universe."

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Currently, the DC Universe Doom Patrol series is only available to U.S. subscribers, with new episodes airing every Friday. Come back to Culturess after you watch each episode for reviews and more!