Doom Patrol preview: ‘Puppet Patrol’ reintroduces Dr. Von Fuchs


The Doom Patrol team is still searching for the Chief. However, their search party for Niles Caulder could give us more context into Eric Morden’s origin story as Mr. Nobody.

DC Universe’s Doom Patrol series is unraveling a weird and just plain fun narrative — aside from the morbid undertones and distressing flashbacks. Still, we respect Doom Patrol‘s prowess when it comes to balancing humor, horror, and bizarreness in every episode. The upcoming “Puppet Patrol” episode will include a puppet show in more than one way, but it will also fortify the framework in the villainous narrator’s backstory.

In episode two, the rising heroes saved an entire town, but they still haven’t relocated Niles Caulder. As the promo for the third episode suggests, their search for their missing father figure will send them on an unorthodox vacation. Granted, nothing is really orthodox when it comes to the team.

Remember the Nazi scientist (Dr. Von Fuchs) who experimented on Morden and turned him into an anarchistic antagonist? He’s back in the Doom Patrol episode three trailer, and his return will probably give us more insight on Fuchs, Mr. Nobody, and why Niles and Mr. Nobody hate each other. The self-aware show knows we’re obsessed with villains, and we’re not mad at the targeted narrative.

Unfortunately for the Doom Patrol, their affiliation with Niles Caulder will attract some new enemy on their excursion. They won’t compare to the antagonist who also has a side job as the narrator of the show. (Apparently, even villains need day jobs.)

While we’ve already seen the initial characterization from all the key members of the titular team in the first two episodes, we hope “Puppet Patrol” will start to weave in additional character development, especially as each heroes backstories continue to define their sense of self. Dynamic characters deserve even more dynamic, well, dynamics within their team. So, we can expect to see Doom Patrol reassert how each character supports one another while they all collectively adjust to their new superhero gig.

Doom Patrol — Ep. 102 — “Donkey Patrol” — Photo Credit: Bob Mahoney / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The third episode of Doom Patrol hasn’t aired on DC Universe yet, but we’re already mourning the first loss of the season. Rest in peace, you interdimensional sanity-sucking donkey. It’s okay. We’ll get over it when Mr. Nobody inevitably conjures up another way to mess with Doom Patrol family.

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Even if the donkey doorway is the only character we lose this season, Doom Patrol will still pull us through insurmountable casualties and misfortune (even if they aren’t apart of the linear timeline). We have a vague guess of what’s to come, but we don’t want to spoil any devastating arcs. Just remember to keep your tissues at arm’s length every Friday.