Grey’s Anatomy season 15 episode 15 live stream: Watch online


Tonight is the night — Grey’s Anatomy’s record-breaking episode. We hope it’s packed with plenty of Grey’s classics to honor the show as best it can.

Tonight on Grey’s Anatomyfans will be treated to the series’ 332nd episode, making Grey‘s the longest-running primetime medical show on television! With an episode as eventful as this, we’re hoping Shonda Rhimes pulls out all the stops to honor such a major achievement.

Looking at the summary for tonight’s episode, a party may not go exactly as planned. Whether that means medical emergencies, natural disasters, or just some good ol’ fashioned relationship drama amongst our attractive doctors, we’ll have to wait and see.

"When Jackson throws a party to celebrate Catherine’s surgery and those who worked to save her, nothing goes as planned; Helen pays Alex and Jo a surprise visit."

Catherine Avery deserves a party, we definitely agree. But based on how she’s been handling her recovery from her recent surgery, the party’s biggest issue may be Catherine herself. Sure, we know she’s getting better — it looks like her sexual drive is back at least. But a party can mean a lot of pressure to put on a smiling face and act like everything is okay. We’d like to think Catherine will be just fine from here on out, but this is Grey‘s and that isn’t always the case.

Now Catherine’s party isn’t the only situation where things could go very right or very wrong tonight. Alex’s mother, Helen, visits her son and his new bride. This may be to finally come and say congratulations as Helen wasn’t able to attend Alex and Jo’s wedding — granted for a good reason. She didn’t want to deviate in any way from a routine that’s been keeping her on track.

We hope things are still okay in that department, because if Alex has to deal with his mother having any issues again, it could heavily impact his success as Interim Chief.

Watch a preview for Grey’s Anatomy‘s next episode below. 

Here’s how you can watch Grey‘s Anatomy tonight:

"Date: Thursday, Feb. 28Start Time: 8 p.m. ETEpisode: “We Didn’t Start the Fire”TV Channel: ABCLive Stream: Watch live on ABC’s website or app."

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Grey’s Anatomy airs Thursdays on ABC at 8 p.m. ET. 

Here’s how you can watch Grey‘s Anatomy tonight: