15 Captain Marvel fan theories you should know before watching

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A certain Skrull could impact the future of MCU

That older woman that Carol punches in her trailer isn’t just an ordinary Skrull disguised as an Earthling. Some Easter egg sleuthing fans have already noticed that she looks familiar, and she may have had a brief cameo in the museum scene in Black Panther.

We aren’t sure if the Skrull ran off during the fight scene; however, if this is the same Skrull Carol fights on the bus, we’ll probably see that scene from her perspective.

Though it might seem like she’s eyeing some of the vibranium artifacts in the museum, she appears to walk past the Wakandan artifacts. Given Skrulls’ infinity for new technology and conquering new worlds, there might be some even more powerful tech in the museum beyond vibranium weaponry.

There aren’t any Earth-bound elements stronger than vibranium, though, which makes us worried about the Skrull’s intentions during her museum trip. However, we’re even more concerned about how many Skrulls are still left on Earth after Carol’s debut in the ’90s. If one Skrull survives Carol’s punches in her titular movie, that’s less worrisome.

Given the species’ built-in cloaking mechanisms, we’re sure this Skrull-Earth-woman is a part of a collective plot. Just as it took several films to reveal Thanos’ plan, it could take a few more films before we figure out why this Skrull’s museum trip was so important.