15 Captain Marvel fan theories you should know before watching

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Secret Invasion. Photo Credit: Marvel Comics.

The movie could enact a Secret Invasion arc

Much of the Kree-Skrull War will wrap with the first Captain Marvel film. However, we’ll likely see some more Skrulls in the near future of the MCU. While Galactus may be in the more distant future of the franchise, Skrulls amidst the Avengers could spark the start of an on-screen iteration of the Secret Invasion arc.

You know: When the Avengers had to fight off another Skrull invasion but found out some of their team members were actually Skrulls. What’s a comic book narrative without some betrayal sprinkled in the plot?

While Captain Marvel probably won’t visibly start a Secret Invasion arc, the narrative behind Carol’s canonically shapeshifting enemies could open up a future film based on the storyline. Any MCU-based adaptation will feature some changes to any Secret Invasion comic runs, particularly since the upcoming film already features some noticeable changes from the comics. (After all, the trailers already suggest that Talos can shapeshift, when his comic incarnation was born without the Skrull shapeshifting genes.)

We just hope the MCU decides to incorporate a Secret Invasion arc into some future films because we can’t resist a dramatic lead-up into some big Skrull-y reveals. Well, we also hope to see Monica Rambeau don the Captain Marvel moniker and Kamala Khan take on the Ms. Marvel alias in the near future.