7 reasons to binge Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

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Interesting storylines

While the overarching storyline for The Umbrella Academy was trying to stop the apocalypse, there were so many other interesting stories that we got to learn about as well. And it is definitely those eclectic stories that drew us in.

From learning about the 43 infants all born on the same day, to mothers who weren’t pregnant when the day started, to the individual stories of the seven children adopted by Hargreaves, every episode gave us multiple plots to engage with.

Over the course of the season, we learn more about each of the members of the academy, even as we are also left with plenty of questions. And that is what makes this series so unique. Nothing is as cut and dry as it may seem, and every character is deeper than we might have thought.

Not only is there a superhero origin story to engage us, but we have an apocalypse to stop, and family drama to delve into it. And having that family dynamic makes this story pop in a way that screams interesting and engaging.

The romances

The romances in this series tend to go hand-in-hand with the storylines that engaged us. But, they are also strong enough to stand on their own. Each romance we witness (no matter how short-lived or unresolved) is a chance to learn more about these characters. Plus, there are even points in which these relationships have an impact on what happens in terms of trying to save the world.

Lost loves are a critical aspect of certain characters’ stories and shape the way they react to many different things and of course situations. Whether we are talking about Klaus’ tragic love story following his travel through time or the missed opportunities between Luther and Allison, each romance is as important to who these people are as anything else they do.

Honestly, the reason the romance gets its own category is because of how important they end up being for each character. Even the Boy has a romance of sorts that makes him do things that almost seem out of character, and that’s critical to the story.

While this is a superhero series revolving around stopping the end of the world, it is the personal aspects that make this story so engaging and dynamic. And having different romances, no matter how they turn out, is the perfect way to make us see each of these characters as more than just heroes, but as people we can connect with.