25 easy skin care items for absolute beginners

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Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer. Image via QVC.com.

IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer

Just like the name implies, this is a moisturizer with a rosy tone to it in order to add a vitality to the skin that is worthy of any selfie. The IT Cosmetics Confidence in a Cream Rosy Tone Moisturizer actually absorbs into the skin relatively quickly, which means you get the effect you are looking from almost the moment you apply it.

While this moisturizer is good for all skin types, it is especially beneficial if you are looking to combat the signs of aging. This is a product that helps give you a more youthful and bright appearance by gently exfoliating away dead skin cells. On top of these already important benefits, this moisturizer can help with the texture of the skin while giving your complexion the boost it needs to appear revived.

Much like any other moisturizer we recommend, it is important to apply the cream to clean, dry skin. You will want to use this product in the morning and at night (which means no need for a night cream), applying it to the face, the neck, and even the upper portion of your chest. The company recommends using sweeping motions that move upward on the face, chest, or neck. Basically, it is the idea of working your way up, only this time it is entirely about the moisturizer.

In order to see the best results with this product, you will want to use this daily for at least a month. Of course, if you love the product, don’t stop at a month.

Price: $48