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Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment. Image via Avon.com.

Clearskin Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment

It doesn’t really matter how old we are, breakouts happen. Luckily, there are spot treatments that are here to help us to get rid of those pimples as quickly as possible. And one of my favorite treatments is an overnight product from Avon’s Clearskin line.

On top of treating the problem, this Clearskin Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment even helps with preventing future blemishes. In order to give you the best results, this treatment is not greasy or oily, which means that you actually can leave this on overnight without clogging the pores and causing future problems.

And yes, this is specifically designed as a night-time blemish treatment as it is said to work with our bodies natural healing. Plus, this cream also contains the maximum amount of Salicylic Acid allowed, which is the active ingredient that is a known combatant of blemishes.

What makes this one of my favorite products (besides the fact that it has worked for me) is the fact that it can be used every day. Of course, as a product that is specifically designed for nighttime use, you only use this once per day in the evening.

To use this treatment, you will want to wash the face first. Then apply as a spot treatment directly to the affected area or you can even apply this over the entire face. Although, I will say I only ever use this as a spot treatment, that doesn’t mean you can’t use it almost like a night cream in order to prevent blemishes and soften the skin.

Price: $6.49